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Stiniva, Green Cave and Budihovac



...Explore mysterious coast of Island Vis...

An unforgettable whole day excursion to the south coast of island Vis with a visit to the "Green cave", Budihovac and the unique Stiniva bay. Cruise through the most beautiful part of the island Vis and enjoy in an unique atmosphere and natural attractions.

BudihodacThe Green cave is the biggest sea cave of the Vis archipelago. It's characteristic because of the sun light beam coming through a hole on the cave's top, spreading sparkling green light on the cave's sea, bottom and walls. Beside natural beauty and mistique, Stiniva bay is special for it's characteristic tiny sea entrance between high monumental rocks.

This excursion is best to combine with a lunch in the tavern terrace of kind domestic hosts in special ambient by the sea on a islet called Budihovac (tailored).

Choose one of our classic and active excursions for the Green cave, Stiniva bay and Budihovac islet starting from Vis City, Komiža or from location of your accommodation. Create the excursion by your wishes. 

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