Palagruža, Saint Andrew, Brusnik, Jabuka, off shore islands
Palagruža, Sušac, St. Andrija, Brusnik and Jabuka...

The island of Vis has a special connection with his offshore islands. It's enough to watch the small boats of island fishermen, while they cruising through the waves on the route to the islands of Palagruža, Sušac, Brusnik, St. Andrija, Jabuka...

It's best to split the excursion into two routes:

Longer route: Saint Andrew (Saint), Brusnik and Jabuka

Shorter route: Big and Small Palagruža and Sušac

The most popular Vis offshore islands are the islands of the Big and Small Palagruža. They are specific because of the largest Adriatic lighthouse, archaeological sites and important historical connections with the island fishermen. The most important location of the islands is a beach on Big Palagruža, where the fishermen got the best spot on the beach as well as the best fish posts by being the fastest at sailing and rowing from Komiža to Palagruža on the historical "Falkuša regattas".

Island Sušac was very important at the time when the Venetian government prohibited the Island fishermen to fish around Palagruža.

Islet Brusnik is an unique volcanic island with a characteristic black pebble beach and the autochthon Black Lizard - endemic specie that lives only on this island. The specific site of Brusnik are small pools in the center of the islet, which were used by fishermen for keeping lobsters while they we're still fishing.

Island of St. Andrija (St. Andrew) was a prison for German officers in the time of the 2nd World War. The entire island is private property of one family from Komiža. On the island is a chapel of St. Andrew from the 9. Century and remains from ancient times. Some people say that the St. Andrew was hiding place of Illyrian Queen Teuta, and that on the "Saint" was the Teuta's city.

The islet of Jabuka from a distance resembles as an open sail of a big sailing ship. This volcanic island is a specific place on the planet without a bay or docking place. The bare, high cliff on the open sea enchants it's visitors and compasses to go "crazy" because of the power from its magnetic rocks.

On request: The tour can by continued on a terrace of the fisherman's house, where you can taste the island's seafood specialties and enjoy the view of the open sea.

Duration: tailored;

Start: Vis Special office or from agreed location;

Price: depends on number of guests and wishes of participants.

We offer the possibility to create the trip according to your wishes.

The trip may be delayed due to bad weather conditions or insufficient number of participants.

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