natural attraction, island Vis, Dalmatia, Croatia  Historical and natural beauty of Vis...

This tour takes you far away from the usual routs of visitors to the northern part of island which is offering really essential experience of Vis and Mediterranean! Cycling (1h) and hiking (1,5 h) in this part of Vis relaxes your mind and caving part makes your brain think various ways.

Old village, stone trails, vineyards on dry wall terraces, sea views, rooms of Teuta Cave and questions like: Where are the people from the village and vineyards? Who was Queen Teuta? Why "Teuta's Cave" are going to be revealed to you.

Duration: 4 H;

Start: from Vis Special office, or from location of your accommodation;

Private excursion price: 518 Kn/69 Euro per person;

Group excursion price: 375 Kn/50 Euro per person;

Price includes: guide, equipment, insurance;

Not included in price: lunch/dinner, drink.

Each group has a limited number of participants. Please book in advance.