Titos cave, Marshal Tito, island Vis, Dalmatia, CroatiaTito's Cave and "Undefeated fort of the Adriatic"

  “…Marshal Tito arrives with the British battle ship Blackmore to Komiža and immediately continues his trip to the cave on Mount Hum which is until today still called Tito's Cave ...”

Beside the Tito's Cave and former runway of the airport from the 2nd World War, used for purposes of U.S. bombers B-52, Liberators and the British Halifax's and Spitfire Squadron of BAF, on this Vis Special excursion we will visit the place from which 1944. Tito said the historical sentence: "Tuđe nećemo - svoje ne damo" ("We want nothing of others – ours we won’t give!"), the house of the British embassy and locations where you’re still able to see big partisan - communist transparent, deleted after the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The excursion includes a visit of the allies commandos and pilots memorial place and many details and stories about the time when Marshal Tito had led the National Liberation struggle of the battlefields of whole Yugoslavia from the undefeated island Vis.


Duration: 3 H;

Start: from Vis Special office, or from location of your accommodation;

Private excursion price: 368 Kn/49 Euro per person;

Group excursion price: 260 Kn/36 Euro per person;

Price includes: off road vehicle transfers, or bike (TREK) and equipment, a guide, insurance;

Option to create the trip by your choice: by off road vehicle, by bike and on foot.


Each group has a limited number of participants. Please book in advance.