Fishing, island Vis, Dalmatia, CroatiaCalamaries hunting, on traina, parangali with local fisherman...

Giovanni Battista Giustiniano wrote in the year 1553: "Fishermen from the island of Vis are hunting down 3 million of Sardines in only one day" - that's about 120 000 kg. On our fishing trips in company of the local fishermen you will visit the best fishing posts of the Vis archipelago!

Meet the local fisherman who has been fishing here for decades, cruise on the traditional fishing boats and enjoy fishing around the island of Vis. Join listening to the never ending stories and descriptions of calamaries hunting, traina on Gof, Zubatac, parangals, bates, about technic i experience etc.

  Contact us with your wishes, we are here to make them happen.

We also offer: school of fishing for beginners.

If you like, we can organize a picnic for after the daily tour, with islands gastronomic specialties and wines, beer and natural juices. While we talk through the experience from the tour, we'll watch fotos from that day, which is going to make your island experience even nicer.

The trip may be delayed due to bad weather conditions or insufficient number of participants.

Each group has a limited number of participants. Please book in advance.