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Leasure and health



...For a long and enjoyable life...

With this offer for leisure and health we invite you to the island of Vis to relax and to dedicate time to your beauty and health.

Our cooperators and experts in the area of dental medicine and protetics, and the regenerative nature will help you to relax and to make your life even nicer. We will accommodate you in the accommodation after your wishes, make appointments with experts and help to organize you free time with the thematic excursions and outdoor activities guided by your wishes.


We offer whole year arrangements:

Dental arrangements - Vis Special DMC arrangement for your pleasure and health.

Aqua terapy - During the whole year you have the possibility to enjoy in the recoverating influance of sea water and sea air of the island of Vis.

If you feel that the island of Vis can offer you the kind of regenerating environment you need for your healthy vacation, please contact us with your dates, general and special requirements: town / village / coastal accommodation; house / apartmant / room with access to kitchen and bathroom etc. We'll forward you details, photos and costs.