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Outdoor activities

...Vis adventure – pure nature...

Spend your vacation on the island of Vis in your favorite way and take advantage of the outdoor activities offered by this island and DMC Vis Special. Experience unique moments leaded by the domestic team and Vis Special partners on hikking and cycling tours, free climbing, and the other activities from our offer.

Our aim is to present the sport infrastructure and to offer outdoor activities of island Vis for dinamic, adrenalin pleasure and relaxation. During your visit of the island enjoy with Vis Special in active excursions and arrangements all over the island of Vis.

We insure necessary equipement, service, transfers, guides, instructors and connections with domestic sport clubs and companies.


Vis Special presents the sport infrastructure for an active vacation on our island:


CYCLING - thematic excursions, guides, GPS tracks, island cycling map, service;

HIKKING - thematic excursions, guides, GPS tracks, island hikking map, transfers;

FREE CLIMBING / ASEMBLING - "Red rocks" and other locations;

SRC ISSA - tennis, basketball, socker, handball and voleyball playgrounds with reflectors;

RUNNING/TREKKING - recreate on the paths through the wild island's nature;

BEACH VOLLEYBALL - playgrounds in Vis City, bays Stonćica and Zaglav;

CRICKET - in company of the local cricket club "Sir William Host";

FOOTBALL - in company of the local football club, several football fields, a gym;

TABLE TENNIS - in company of the local club;

BOCCIA - traditional activity and curiosity of islanders, indoor and outdoor playgrounds;

MINI GOLF - on interesting playgrounds by the beach;

PO TEŽOŠKI - Vis Special original.



DIVING - dive around Vis to unique diving locations;

SAILING - we organize half and full day excursions with a sailing boat;

WINDSURFING - in company of local windsurfers;

KAYAKING - on thematic excursions and on your own explorations;

SWIMMING - in the most beautiful sea in the World;

WATER SKIING - enjoy in sea and in the freedom of water skiing;

PICIGIN - local sport with a small ball in shalow water, originaly from Split City;

FISHING - hunting calamaries, traditional "traina" and "parangali" with local fishermen;



PARAGLIDING - from licenced locations and island's paragliding pilots;

TANDEM FLYING - above the island with an experienced pilot.





 ...Thematic excursions, guides, GPS tracks, island cycling map, service...


Vis Special has the best offer of cycling services on the island of Vis. We offer daily thematic cycling excursions, cycling maps and widest choice of high quality bikes and additional equipement on island of Vis. At  your disposal we offer Garmin GPS devices (on the bike) with island's Mtb, CC and XC routes, and experienced local guides and escorters.






...Thematic excursions, guides, GPS tracks, island hikking map, transfers...

Vis Special takes you on whole day and half day hikking excursions to the most interesting island locations. We secure transfers of guests, guides, instructions, maps and assistance on the track for guided and self guide hikking tours on island's familly, recreativeand adventure tracks.


Free climbing / asembling



..."Red rocks" and other locations...

Island of Vis offers several marked trails on the location "Carvene stinje", or "The Red rocks". On this beautiful location, escorted by our instructors everyone can enjoy free climbing, for starters and proffesional climbers alike. Description of the trails of "The Red rocks" can be found in "Planinarski vodič kroz Hrvatsku".


Sport & recreation centar "Issa"

...In center of Vis City...

Situated in the center of Vis City, the playgrounds of SRC "Issa" offer a great choice for recreation and fun. Feal free to contact us for reservation of the playground, equipement and other services.





...Dive around Vis to unique diving locations...

For a long time the island's aquatori was strictly a forbidden area for foreigners. Today, because of the numberous diving locations, the aquatori of island Vis is becoming a very interesting diving destination.





  ...Calamaries huntting, on traina, parangali with local fisherman...

Giovanni Battista Giustiniano wrote in the year 1553: "Fishermen from the island of Vis are hunting down 3 million of Sardins in only one day" - that's about 120 000 kg. On our fishing trips in company of the local fishermen you will visit the best fishing posts of the Vis archipelago!



       ...From licenced locations and island's paragliding pilots...

Starts and landings are ready, transport is secured, satisfaction garanteed!


Tandem flying

...Above the island with an experienced pilot...


Enjoy in the freedom of flying with the island pilots.

For the tandem flight you don't need any flying experience. We organize transport to licenced starts, according to weather condittions.

A panoramic flight in the tandem takes around half a hour. You will be able to take photos and to tape the flight, and the landing can be filmed by your friends or by proffesionals.