Wine, gastronomy, jamatva, island Vis, Dalmatia, Croatia

   The geographical location of the island of Vis is on the crossroad of climatic influences and Mediterranean passengers routes. Since the ancient time, the specific distance from the main land, open sea air influence and high quality of the island's soil has created possibilities for the islanders to grow excellent wines, olive oils, fruits, etc. The passengers and island's fishermen had imported the knowledge from Mediterranean World which played an important role in creating the authentic island gastronomy.

    Join us on the island's vintages ("Jematva"), in making of young wine in a family wine cellar, rakija making in "Lambik", olive harvest, olive oil production in the island's oil factory. Join picking of capers on the sea rocks and other interesting activities and arrangements from the wine and gastronomy offer of "Vis Special".
   If you feel that the island of Vis can offer you the kind of environment you need for your gastronomic holiday, please contact us with your dates, general and special requirements: town / village / coastal accommodation; house / apartment, etc. We'll forward you details, photos and costs.