The island of Vis is situated in the Middle-Dalmatian region in the Adriatic sea...

   The Vis City harbor is daily connected with the City of Split (Croatian second largest city) with ferry lines and with the faster and cheaper catamaran (no cars/bikes). In the summer time once a week it's possible to come with a ferry boat from Ancona, Italy. In the winter time Vis is connected with the ferry from Split twice a day and with the catamaran once a day. Time tables of the catamaran and ferry for island Vis are available on the direct telephone number 338 333, and on the web site

  The City of Split is very well connected with rest of the Croatia, Europe and World with its nearby airport Resnik, trains and new highways. The air companies which fly for Resnik (Split): Croatia airlines, Germanwings, Rayanair, Malev and others. 

  ferry transport 

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