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Artist‘s retreat



 "... An ideal environment for writers and artists ..."


"... especial in the spring and autumn, yet summer also affords quite town and country corners. For these and many other reasons the island provides the kind of visatmosphere and stimulation that writers and artists thrive on."


Writers and artists seeking quiteness, solitude and the supportive hand of nature will find it here on the Croatian island of Vis. You can reach island of Vis in just two hours by (daily) ferry from Croatia's second largest city, Split, which has an international airport, rail and bus connections with Europe and rest of the World.

Vis was once home to the Greeks who began the wine industry thaz continues today. Centuries later the British arrived and today the locals still play cricket. Under communism the island was again a military base and therefore closed to tourism. Some years ago the military left, leaving behind a near-pristine environment and a population well placed, with hinsite and intact traditions, to resist mass tourism and develope something very different in the Adriatic.

Okjucna_bayEven during the summer season people come to Vis for the quiteness of it's beaches, walks and caves, and pass unhurried nights in the cafes and restaurants, and outdoor theatre and cinema. There are no discos or clubs. There are villages, beaches and coves, country paths and a rich history. Today you'll find tiny inland villages of traditional stone houses, connected by paths to the nearest beach or cove. And the town of Vis streeches itself out beautifully along the line of the bay - the ancient homes of the Croatian aristocracy sharing the same comforting waterfront views as more humble houses.


The result is an ideal environment for writers and artists, especial in the spring and autumn, yet summer also affords quite town and country corners. For these and many Komiza_cannonother reasons the island provides the kind of atmosphere and stimulation that writers and artists thrive on.

If you feel that the island of Vis can offer you the kind of supportive environment you need for your project, please contact us with your dates and general requirements: town / village / coastal accommodation; house / flat / room with access to kitchen and bathroom etc. We'll forward you details, photos and costs.


Some reviews follow:


I came to Vis in 2007 to complete work I had been struggling with for months. I found here what I needed to focus and move through the writing. Then again in summer 2009 to plan and commence a major project I found all the elements that I needed.

Among these elements are: the embracing geography of the bay on which the town of Vis sits, it's architecture and friendly yet reserved people, and the clarity of light and air, and the crystal water of the Adriatic. There are no discos or clubs, no noisy party life at any time of the year. This mix allows another kind of rhythm to dominate which I find extremely supportive.

 If you need a place to be quite, to get in touch with your innerself - for artistic or other reasons - Vis will do it for you. If Vis were a person I wouldn't be able to thank him/her enough!

Ian Dawson

Madrid, Spain



From one writer to another I can personally and wholeheartedly recommend the small island of Vis as an excellent place to work, or for an artist's retreat.

One can find solitude in the villages, or gentle stimulation at the edge of the slow-paced town. Both have served me well during the past 6 weeks. I've appreciated the beauty, the non-intrusive locals, and the Adriatic sea when I needed to clear my head. My accommodation was simple and comfortable, with an ideal space in which to work.

In my experience of the Mediterranean Vis is unique, and would server well to uplift any (creative) spirit.

Alistair Martin

Sydney, Australia

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"Vis Special" package arrangement for writer's and artist's reatreat on the island of Vis:


Package: Artist's Retreat




Enjoy in a pleasant accommodation and autohton wine and gastronomy of island of Vis, become the guest of the local destination tourist agency "Vis Special".

Prilovo_Vis_City_bayIn few words: 7 nights, accommodation in Vis city center, thematic excursions, breakfast, dinner/lunch (gastro specialties);

Duration: 7 days;

Price: up on request;

Choose accommodation from our wide offer according to your preferences and vacation style. Our reccomendation is private accommodation in the City of Vis, like for example pansion "Dionis", because of the perfect accommodation unites and breakfast serving. We also offer out of city accommodation.

You can choose between accommodation in Vis City, in island's bays (by the sea), in island's inland.

Choose Vis Special whole day and half day excursions to most interesting locations, according to your wishes (Tunnels and isolation of the "Forbidden island", Trails of Marchal Tito, Blue cave, Wine tours, etc). Combine your vacation with outdoor activities from our offer (diving, kayaking, free climbing, swimming etc).


The price for one person includes:

7 nights in double bed room with 7 breakfasts in the pansion Dionis, 7 lunches or dinners in Buffet "Vis" (all included), a map of the island of Vis, a gift souvenir (a bottle of island's wine or rakija), insurance, Vis Special hosting and more....

Additional options: transfers, thematic excursions, guides, translators, outdoor activities, etc.